Ted is A registered architect with 25 years of experience leading planning efforts for local governments.  Ted also has experience facilitating public engagement and input processes, both as a professional consultant as well as through his many years as a community volunteer leader.  As a sustainability consultant, Ted has an expertise in delivering thoughtful and comprehensive Climate Change, carbon reduction, and sustainability assessments, action planning, and consulting to businesses and communities; carbon life-cycle assessments and inventories for business, buildings, and communities; carbon offset consulting and sourcing for businesses and individuals.  As a Registered Architect, Ted provides Net Zero architectural consulting, including solar PV site, financial, and feasibility assessments as well as building and site optimization and conceptual solar PV design.   Ted is a Commissioner on the Maplewood Environment and Natural Resource Commission as well as a Board Member of the Alliance for Sustainability.

Sean is Executive Director,Alliance for Sustainability.  He supports metro area cities to launch Environment and Sustainability Commissions and is currently conveening resilient cities clusters among 40 metro cities that are working to include energy and resilience goals in their Comprehensive plans.  Sean has 30 years of experience bringing community leaders together to envision and build sustainable communities, providing hands-on tools and training to build community, health, wealth and local resilience. He holds a Master’s in Divinity from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA, a B.A. summa cum laude in Speech Communications and Foreign Studies from the University of Minnesota, and speaks fluent Spanish. Sean received a Technology of Participation Champion’s Award from the Institute of Cultural Affairs. Sean is a Certified Master Water Steward.

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Craig’s experience as a Marine, environmental consultant, Cambridge, MA City Councilor, and studies at the Harvard Kennedy School, give him unique insights into how current resilience programs might be improved.  Craig helps communities create robust emergency response capabilities and effective resilience/climate change vulnerability adaptation programs.

Sam has over 15 years of experience as an energy policy and environmental communications professional with expertise in state and federal energy policy,  energy conservation best practices, and public communication campaigns.  Sam leads paleBLUEdot’s policy and market research and efforts as well as “demand side” energy efficiency strategy development.

Terry is a sustainability consultant, agricultural economist, author and CEO of Sustainability Associates, which has worked for more than two decades with cities, government agencies, business, and communities to develop sustainability plans and conduct education and visioning to support them in saving money, improving performance and becoming sustainability leaders. He is the Founder and President of the Alliance for Sustainability, U of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing Collaborator, and Commissioner and Former Chair of the St. Louis Park Environment and Sustainability Commission. Previously, he worked as a White House and Congressional aide, Aveda Corporation Director of Ecological Affairs and Sustainability, Cargill economist, Adjunct Faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Wall Street brokerage assistant, and co-founder of the Sacramento Community Garden Program. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College, completed his M.S. in Agricultural Economics at the U of CA, Davis and received a Masters in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Organization and Management.

With degrees in Environmental / Resource Engineering and Forest Ecology, Brett is passionate about protecting our waters, restoring healthy ecosystems, and enhancing our community's unique sense of place. Brett leads a wide range of assessment, planning, policy, and engineering services supporting watersheds, water resources, ecosystems, and natural resource protection and enhancement.  Brett is a Board Member for the Alliance for Sustainability

Kari has over 10 years of experience as a sustainability professional and an environmental consultant, specializing in sustainability planning and program development, public participation and outreach, environmental site characterizations, and environmental reporting. Her experience includes work with cities, universities, and private developers to achieve successful sustainability programs and policy and to meet environmental compliance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Nebraska, and has also completed graduate coursework in public administration at the University of Kansas. Through her education and experience, Kari has developed a passion for assisting cities and organizations in developing community based programs that hold a high rate of community participation and input.  Kari is a Board Member for the Alliance for Sustainability

Stephen has traveled to more than 200 cities throughout the nation and provided consulting services to create more bicycle friendly conditions; a dream job! Stephen’s expertise includes conducting bike audits and creating pedestrian and bike infrastructure master plans and policies.  His collaborative style supports working with multiple stakeholders including Mayors, traffic engineers, planners and advocates.

Neil provides unique strategic guidance as one of the few consultants in the energy industry that has worked for both a major renewable energy developer and a major utility.  He leads paleBLUEdot’s Community/Utility stakeholder engagement creating “win-win” strategies benefiting both community emission goals and utility goals and grid needs.  Neil's expertise supports the development of supply-side electric policies, renewable energy policies, as well as navigation of collaborative discussions with regional electric utilities in order to arrive at supportive teaming to support municipal energy goals.

Marc has 30 years as a green building consultant. His experience includes supporting the integrated San Francisco Bay Area green building market transformation, program manager for the renowned Austin Energy Green Building Program, and the Green Homes Northeast Program in Boston.  Marc contributes to paleBLUEdot’s green building program services.

With degrees in Political Science and Applied Economics, John has decades of experience in developing waste reduction and diversion programs, including those for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  John  assists commercial, industrial and global communities by transforming Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into high-demandElectrical and Thermal Energy, Alternative Vehicle Fuels, Recyclable Commodities, and Agricultural Products.

Christophe has a background across several sectors including environmental management policy, carbon sequestration, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, and techno-economics assessment.  Christophe contributes to paleBLUEdot’s carbon capture project analysis, and carbon offset protocol and procurement consulting efforts.

As an educator, Colleen has twenty-six years of experience with an expertise in curriculum design and differentiation.  Colleen is accomplished in youth educational programming and Design Thinking initiatives.  She leads paleBLUEdot’s community education efforts including community education seminars, workshops, and Design Thinking events for youth and adults.  Her work supports the developent of educational materials and services, including workshop and presentation development, in support of educating communities on Community Solar projects.