paleBLUEdot Selected for City of Oakdale Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan

paleBLUEdot was selected to develop a Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan for the City of Oakdale, MN.  The Climate Vulnerability Assessment will include a review of past and projected climate change impacts, identification of community vulnerabilities, and development of adaptation strategies.  Climate changes experienced over the last 50 years will be detailed, as well as climate change projections through 2100 for the Midwest region as a whole, the State of Minnesota, and the City of Oakdale.  The assessment will identify climate risks and impacts on the population of Oakdale as well as climate change impact multipliers such as urban heat island effects.  Vulnerable populations throughout the city will be identified and mapped using GIS.

The study effort will include:.

  1. Quantification and GIS mapping of climate vulnerable populations including: Environmental Justice communities, indigenous peoples, people of color, residents with limited English capacity, unemployed and low-income residents, seniors, people with disabilities, individuals with existing health conditions, children under 5, and occupational groups at risk.
  2. dentification of the broad climate change impacts likely to affect residents of Oakdale.
  3. Identify and map specific climate change risk factors within the City.
  4. Overlay vulnerable populations and climate change related risks to describe and map the specific populations at risk, areas of greatest population vulnerabilities, and the greatest risk categories.
  5. Develop recommended Climate Adaptation goals for the City and detail Climate Adaptation Strategies including policies and programs which the City can implement to address climate vulerabilities.

The paleBLUEdot team is honored to be working with the City of Oakdale in this important effort. 

The paleBLUEdot team provides a wide range of expert consultant services supporting community resilience, including Climate Vulnerability Assessments, Climate Adaptation Planning, and Climate Action Planning.  Learn more about paleBLUEdot's Community Services here.