When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.
— Cameron Sinclair

BLUEdot Register has created a series of services and programs to assist organizations in understanding their environmental impact and to help them discover ways of making improvements, and developing communication tools to share their work with customers and the public.  In support of that goal, BLUEdot Register offers the following programs and services:

BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral Program

All organizations, businesses, products, and facilities have a carbon footprint - even those who are environmentally sensitive.  The BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral program is focused on helping an organization or brand become aware of their carbon footprint, find opportunities to reduce it, and eliminate the balance through internationally certified Carbon Offsets.  Certification is available for organizations, businesses, facilities, and products and represents a full 'cradle-to-grave' carbon footprint management.


BLUEdot provides in-depth carbon footprint studies comparing a subject product or business against its industry average, or against product alternatives.  These assessments help our clients not only understand their carbon footprint but also understand how competitive that footprint is in comparison to their competition.  For products and businesses who are environmentally competitive, these studies can help validate and communicate the environmental advantages of their product over the alternatives.

Life Cycle Assessments

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) assess the resource inputs and outputs associated with a product, business, or service.  LCA’s provide valuable information to help an organization reduce environmental impact and waste, reduce costs, focus product development, and assure accuracy of environmental claims.  Conducting an LCA creates and organizes metrics that can be shared and compared across a company as well as supply chain partners.

BLUEdot conducts LCA’s for products, business enterprises, as well as buildings including new construction and renovations.  A BLUEdot LCA consists of four basic phases:

  • Goals and Scoping
  • Life Cycle Inventory
  • Life Cycle Impact Assessment
  • Interpretation and Action Planning

BLUEdot Carbon Footprint and Energy Assessment

BLUEdot provides assessments for organizations, facilities, and campuses.  The assessment process includes:

  1. Collect utility data from the client in advance. 
  2. Review and analyze utility data comparing against national facility performance database.   
  3. Calculate existing facility carbon footprint
  4. Conduct an on-site facility review of systems, operational procedures, and facility use efficiencies.
  5. Identify actions to increase efficiencies which may include operational, equipment, control, or occupancy changes.
  6. Calculate potential cost and carbon footprint savings of recommendations.
  7. Compile a report of findings, recommendations, projected reductions of energy use, cost and carbon footprint. 

Facility assessments can include physical plant condition assessments as well as space efficiency programming and assessment.  All assessments are led by Ted Redmond,  registered architect, and engineer staff.



Image by James Jordan via Flickr