So, where did we get the inspiration for our name? 

It all started with the amazing words of Carl Sagan.  After seeing the 1990 photo taken by the Voyager I spacecraft,  Mr. Sagan penned his thoughts, both poignant and profound, that, for us, capture the essence of  our seemingly vast and indestructible planet.  In his memorable and moving words, Mr. Sagan tells us that, while we may feel omnipotent and universally superior, in the cosmic scheme of things, we are but, “...a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”   These words, though, also give us hope and remind us how, even though our planet may be small and lost among the billions of other galaxies, it is still our home, our “pale blue dot”.   

Mr. Sagan’s words continue each day to inspire us here at paleBLUEdot and move us into action.  We know our planet is both immensely fragile and infinitely precious.  A love and fear for this wondrous Earth has spurred us to create avenues of environmental and social change for individuals and to build awareness of our impact on each other and our tiny planet.  We work to provide effective and practical ways for each of us to make a meaningful positive impact on our precious world.  Carl Sagan called us all to ‘...preserve and cherish that pale blue dot…”, and we believe, through the efforts of us all, we can do just that.